I Found This Great Book is a website and podcast dedicated to celebrating crime fiction by Black authors from around the world. Each week I will feature a mystery or thriller I read, or I will feature an author from my directory of Black mystery authors. I will also update you on new publications and new additions to the directory. Occasionally, I will have the honor of interviewing some of the great authors in the directory.

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History of the Podcast

  • I started my podcast in October 2016 because I wanted to feature independent authors. The podcast’s name was “Talking with Authors.”
  • In October of 2017, I change the name of the podcast and web site to “I Found This Great Book”.
  • In June 2019, I began featuring Black mystery authors each week.
  • September of 2019, I began building my directory of crime fiction by Black authors.
  • In April 2020, I celebrated adding the 100th author to the directory.
  • In May of 2020, I added episodes where I discussed the short stories of Zora Neale Hurston
  • Between June of 2021 to February 2022, I discussed the works of Jesse Redmond Faucet with five of my fellow book nerds.
  • I had the pleasure of interviewing several crime fiction authors.
  • The podcast has been on pause since June 2022 except for an interview with award winning author Tracy Clark in March 2023.
  • In May 2024 I am bringing the podcast back online.