Coffee on table for reading time

I Found This Great Book is a podcast and website dedicated to sharing interesting books I have found. I will cover books of various genres and works that focus on under-represented groups. I hope to help you find an interesting new read through interviews with authors, news of new book releases and discussions of older books that are worth revisiting,

We live in a wonderful time. The barriers that prevented books from being published have been lowered or destroyed. We also have access to almost every book ever published. Now, we face a new challenge: the battle for attention. I feel that we have the power to address this with the help of “I Found This Great Book.” The content here can be used by anyone in the world to find a cool new book to read.

I hope to create a cozy place where readers can come and listen to authors talk about their books, hear about interesting books they might want to check out and share great books they have found. So, take a seat in a nice comfortable chair and let’s all have a great reading day.

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