Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries are one of the most popular mystery genres. Cozies are known for the way they handle murder. The murder usually occurs out of the sight of the reader and while the cause of death might be gruesome, it is never pushed in front of the reader to hard. Cozies have amateur sleuths who usually have a unique and interesting profession. While they may have close relations with a police officer, the sleuths in these stories are regular people who get pull into murder investigations usually to help clear a close friend or relative. One other key component of these stories is the setting for the story. Cozy mysteries are usually set in small towns where everyone knows each other.

It is so easy to fall in love with a particular sleuth and the town they live in. The good thing is that authors of cozies usually write many books in their series. Browse through the books below and explore the world of cozy mysteries.

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A Spell for Trouble
A Hex for Danger
Death's Favorite Child
A Dead Man's Honor
Old Murders
You Should Have Died on Monday
Forty Acres and a Soggy Grave
Sniffing Out Murder
Drop Dead Delicious
Chasing Cherry
A Candy Coated Lie
In the Dog House
The Puppy Who Knew Too Much
Bark If It's Murder
Paw and Order
Sit, Stay, Slay
The Plot Is Murder
Read Herring Hunt
The Novel Art of Murder
Wed, Read & Dead
Bookmarked for Murder
A Tourist's Guide to Murder
Killer Words
Bookclubbed to Death
Murder on Tour
Travellin' Shoes
Motherless Child
Steal Away
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Murder is a Piece of Cake
Burial Plot
Gone Missing
Body and Soul Food
Soul of a Killer
A Deadly Inside Scoop
A Game of Cones
A Killer Sundae
Mama Solves a Murder
Mama Traps a Killer
Mama Saves A Victim
Mama Stands Accused
Mama Stalks the Past
Mama Rocks the Empty Cradle
Mama Pursues Murderous Shadows
Mama Cracks a Mask of Innocence
Ph.D in Murder (A Cozy Mystery Short)
Murdered in the Man Cave
Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen
Slice, Slice, Baby
Murder in G Major
Death in D Minor
Killing in C Sharp
Fatality in F
Execution in E
Going Nowhere Fast
Bad News Travels Fast
Nowhere to Go and All Day to Get There
Cookies, Lies & Homicide
The Company You Keep
Tangled Roots
Diva's Last Curtain Call
Schooled In Lies
Sly, Slick & Wicked
Doing It To Death
Dark Turns
Cup of Secrets – Trace of Lace
Milo's Journey
The Taste of Rain
The Spice Code
Final Harvest
Charlotte's Revenge
The Appraiser
Pushed Times Chewing Pepper
Secrets, Spells and Snake Eyes
Orchids and Omens
Murder by Page One
Murder Out of Character
Mayhem & Mass
Peril & Prayer
Alibis & Angels
Against the Currant
Hard Dough Homicide
Coconut Drop Dead
Kenora Reinvented
Deep Fried Trouble
Oven Baked Secrets
Lemon Filled Disaster
A Simmering Dilemma
An Unsavory Mess
A Spicy Predicament
Marinated Conditions
Double Mocha Blues
A Latte Mayhem
Blanche on the Lam
Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
Blanche Cleans Up
Blanche Passes Go
Chocolate Covered Murder: A Valentine's Day Novella
Mustard-Based Murder: An Independence Day Novella
A Mistletoe Murder: A Christmas Novella
A Masked Murder: A Halloween Novella
Southern Fried Murder: A Thanksgiving Novella
A Countdown Murder
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Murder About Town
A Ticket To Murder
Bed & Breakfast Bedlam
Coastal Cottage Calamity
Maya Mound Mayhem
Food Fair Frenzy
Garden Gazebo Gallivant
South Seas Shenanigans
Witch's Wheel
Angel Angst
Secrets, Lies, & Crawfish Pies
Love, Hopes, & Marriage Tropes
Potions, Tells, & Deadly Spells
A Tiny Collierville Murder
A Merry Branson Murder
Dial QR For Murder
A Glimmer of Death
A Fatal Glow
A Shimmer of Red
Melody for Murder
Mojo for Murder
Easter Egg Hunt Murder
Merry Christmas Murder
Trick or Treat Murder
Gobble Gobble Murder
Happy Birthday Murder
Happy 4th of July Murder
Summer Vacation Murder
Happy New Year Murder
A Sly and Sinister Tail
A Cold and Calculating Tail
A Foul and Frightening Tail