Hard Boiled Mysteries

Hard-Boiled mysteries deal with the gritty side of life. In these stories, violence and death are very real and upfront. The sleuths in these stories are tough people who are often caught between law enforcement and the criminal world.

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Dead Dead Girls
Harlem Sunset
Beyond Blue
The Troubleshooter
Blood and Bone
Collateral Damage
Damaged Goods
Russian Roulette
Pyramid Deception
The Wrong Kind
Sympathy for the Devil
A Prayer for Deliverance
Broken Places
Borrowed Time
What You Don't See
My Darkest Prayer
All Things Violent
The Conjure-Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem
Piece Keeper
Cannibal in the City
Body Bags & Last Rites
The Long Mile
Deuce's Wild
A Negro and an Ofay
Ace Boon Coon
The Accidental Hunter
The Plot against Hip Hop
The Lost Treasures of R & B
To Funk and Die in LA
The Darkest Hearts
Dark Town Redemption
Blood Red Blues
Dead by Popular Demand
Wrong As Two Left Shoes
Graveyard Samba
Welcome to the Big Show
Kill ‘Em In Brazil
Six 2 One
The Killing of Eleanor Rigby
Cemetery Road
Fear of the Dark
Not Long for This World
You Can Die Trying
It's Not a Pretty Sight
When Last Seen Alive
All the Lucky Ones Are Dead
Good Man Gone Bad
Run Man Run
A Rage in Harlem
The Crazy Kill
The Real Cool Killers
All Shot Up
The Big Gold Dream
The Heat's On
Cotton Comes to Harlem
Blind Man with a Pistol
Hell Has No Fury
Sugar and Spice
The Bridge
The Dead Man's Wife
August Snow
Lives Laid Away
Too Beautiful to Die
Love and Death in Brooklyn
The Darkest Street
Silent Conspiracy
Silent Suspicion
Devil in a Blue Dress
A Red Death
White Butterfly
Black Betty
A Little Yellow Dog
Gone Fishin'
Bad Boy Brawly Brown
Six Easy Pieces
Little Scarlet
Cinnamon Kiss
Blonde Faith
Little Green
Rose Gold
Charcoal Joe
Fearless Jones
Fear Itself
Fear of the Dark
Down the River unto the Sea
The Long Fall
Known to Evil
When the Thrill Is Gone
All I Did Was Shoot My Man
And Sometimes I Wonder About You
Trouble is What I Do
Cercueil & Cie
Coffin & Co.
An Unrefusable Request
Good Girls Don't Get Murdered
The Good-Looking Dead Guy
Treacherous: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers
Violent Spring
Perdition, U.S.A
Bad Night Is Falling
Only the Wicked
Blood Rights
The Last Candidate
Point of Darkness
An Image to Die For
Lost and Found in Harlem
Practice the Jealous Arts
Black and Blue in Harlem
Pauper and Prince in Harlem
Murder My Past
Murder Take Two
The Arrangement
The Blackmail
The Drift
The Unspoken