Stories that keep you on the edge of the seat the whole time you are reading them.

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Easy Motion Tourist
When Trouble Sleeps
Her Name is Knight
They Come at Knight
It Ends with Knight
Diva Secret Agent
Boxing Rings and Cages
What's Done in the Dark: A Mona Baker Novel
My Sister, the Serial Killer: A Novel
Someone Had To Do It
Few Are Chosen
Don't Speak
Rule of Law
The Divide
The Souls of Clayhatchee
Jericho's Fall
Palace Council
The Furious Way
The Science of Paul
A Healthy Fear of Man
Under Color of Law
Blue Like Me
Five Minutes
Who's Riley?
Hollow Voices
Murder Is Revealing
All the Sinners Bleed
Blacktop Wasteland
My Darkest Prayer
Razorblade Tears
L.A. Justice
The Last Defense
The Trials of Nikki Hill
That Dangerous Energy
Uptown Thief
Introduction to Seduction
Reasonable Doubt
The Life and Times of Jade Leskiv Vol. 1
The Accidental Hunter
The Plot against Hip Hop
The Lost Treasures of R & B
To Funk and Die in LA
The Darkest Hearts
And Now She's Gone
These Toxic Things
The View from Here
They All Fall Down
We Lie Here
What Fire Brings
What Never Happened
Double Dead
Supreme Justice
The Executioner's Game
Last Place Seen
Her Pretty Lies
The Perfect Affair
Her Three Lives
Lies She Told
One Little Secret
Adequate Counsel
Righteous Defender
Pipe Dream
Payback: The Return of C.R.E.A.M.
I Know What You've Done
My Other Husband
If 6 Were 9
Murder at Sugar Rush Beach
Black Widow Society
Red Ink
The Jigsaw Man
The Binding Room
Hostile Eyewitness
Bittersweet Motives
Dangerous Confessions
Two For The Pain
Sweet Burial
Anywhere You Run
Every Man a King
The Movie Makers
The Unvarnished: A Mondo Pulp Collection
One Shot Harry
Ash Dark as Night
No Man's Ghost
Tick Tock
Catching the Carling Lake Killer
Under the Cover of Darkness
A Stalker's Prey
Love Is a Racket
Stray Dogs
The Secret Keepers
The Unwanted
Killing Me Softly
Sweet Little Lies
What You Don't Know
Every Breath You Take
Missing You
Live To Tell
Tell Me A Lie
White Christmas
The Violin Conspiracy
Forty Acres: A Thriller
The Unkind Hours
Tokyo Firewall
The New Year's Hex
What You Leave Behind