Romantic Mysteries

These stories combine mysteries and romance to create a wonderful combination.

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Lemon City
Playing by the Rules
Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man
Death, Deceit & Some Smooth Jazz
Deadly Charm
Major League Rookies (Book 1)
Death of an Island Tart
Gotta Let It Go
Gotta Get It Back
Kenora Reinvented
Pursuit of the Truth
Missing at Christmas
Christmas Data Breach
Shielding Her Son
Dark Water Disappearance
Under the Cover of Darkness
A Stalker's Prey
The Birthright
I Told Her Your Secret
On the Road to Makurdi
Bewaji's Ankara Adventures
Wura's Woodin Adventures
Lara's Lace Adventures
Violet's Velvet Adventures
The Hidden Threat
The Accidental Hero
The Relentless Hero
The Fallen Hero