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Lagos Noir
The Secret History of Las Vegas
Mycroft Holmes and The Apocalypse Handbook
Mycroft Holmes
Mycroft and Sherlock
Mycroft and Sherlock: The Empty Birdcage
A Spell for Trouble
A Hex for Danger
An Intrigue of Witches
The Beautiful Side of the Moon
Easy Motion Tourist
When Trouble Sleeps
Dead Dead Girls
Harlem Sunset
The Secret of the Stairs
Death of a Diamond Lady
Her Name is Knight
They Come at Knight
It Ends with Knight
Midnight Hour
Shades of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African-American Authors
The Red Queen Dies: A Mystery
What the Fly Saw: A Mystery
Death's Favorite Child
A Dead Man's Honor
Old Murders
You Should Have Died on Monday
Forty Acres and a Soggy Grave
In the Game
The Lavender House Murder
Long Goodbyes
The Ultimate Exit Strategy
Only The Holy Remain
Blue Religion
Music City Murder
Music City Devils
In the Night of the Heat
From Cape Town with Love
South by Southeast
Plain Brown Wrapper
Chosen People
Diva Secret Agent
Boxing Rings and Cages
What's Done in the Dark: A Mona Baker Novel
Sniffing Out Murder
Dead Time
Slow Burn
Gone Quiet
Done Wrong
Keep Still
See No Evil
Tell No Tales
Scream in Silence
Whispers in the Dark
Windy City Dying
Fatal Remains
A Cold and Silent Dying
A Dark And Deadly Deception
The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks
The School Pet Who Went Missing
The New Boy Who Hears Buzzing
The Parents With A Sleepover Secret
The Fat Girl Who Never Eats
My Sister, the Serial Killer: A Novel
The Thursday Night Killers Book Club
Drop Dead Delicious
Chasing Cherry
A Candy Coated Lie
Someone Had To Do It
Lemon City
Playing by the Rules
Few Are Chosen
Don't Speak
Rule of Law
The Divide
The Black Sleuth
Speaking of Summer
Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man
Death, Deceit & Some Smooth Jazz
Deadly Charm
In the Dog House
The Puppy Who Knew Too Much
Bark If It's Murder
Paw and Order
Sit, Stay, Slay
The Plot Is Murder
Read Herring Hunt
The Novel Art of Murder
Wed, Read & Dead
Bookmarked for Murder
A Tourist's Guide to Murder
Killer Words
Bookclubbed to Death
Murder on Tour
Travellin' Shoes
Motherless Child
Steal Away
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Murder is a Piece of Cake
Beyond Blue
The Troubleshooter
Blood and Bone
Collateral Damage
Damaged Goods
Russian Roulette
Pyramid Deception
The Wrong Kind
Koontown Killing Kaper
Carlotta's Secret
Every Thursday
The Geaha Incident
The Secret of St. Gabriel's Tower
The Secret of Morton's End
The Case of the Bent Spoke
The Secret of Sugarman's Circus
The Souls of Clayhatchee
Jackson Park
Trip Wire
Rhode Island Red
Coq au Vin
Rooster's Riff
Jericho's Fall
New England White
Palace Council
The Emperor of Ocean Park
Witnesses for the Dead
Sympathy for the Devil
A Prayer for Deliverance
Mrs. Griffin is Missing and other stories
The Newcomer
Major League Rookies (Book 1)
The Furious Way
The Science of Paul
A Healthy Fear of Man
Under Color of Law
Blue Like Me
Broken Places
Borrowed Time
What You Don't See
Burial Plot
Gone Missing
The Trickster
Five Minutes
Who's Riley?
Circle of Fire
Mystery of the Dark Tower: a Bessie Mystery
Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery
The Cameo Necklace: A Cecile Mystery
Body and Soul Food
Soul of a Killer
A Deadly Inside Scoop
A Game of Cones
A Killer Sundae
Hollow Voices
Murder Is Revealing
All the Sinners Bleed
Blacktop Wasteland
My Darkest Prayer
My Darkest Prayer
Razorblade Tears
Death of an Idiot Boss
Death of an Island Tart
L.A. Justice
The Last Defense
The Trials of Nikki Hill
Sex, Murder and a Double Latte
Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights
Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate
Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress
Vanity, Vengeance And A Weekend In Vegas
Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss
Chaos, Desire & A Kick-Ass Cupcake
That Dangerous Energy
Uptown Thief
Mama Solves a Murder
Mama Traps a Killer
Mama Saves A Victim
Mama Stands Accused
Mama Stalks the Past
Mama Rocks the Empty Cradle
Mama Pursues Murderous Shadows
Mama Cracks a Mask of Innocence
All Things Violent
Love and Other Criminal Behavior
The Alford Plea
The Screaming of the Innocent
The Promise of Palmettos
If I Should Die
A Toast Before Dying
No Time to Die
Do or Die
The Conjure-Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem
Shopping Cart Annie
Neighbor Resurrected
Ph.D in Murder (A Cozy Mystery Short)
Dead in Pukalani
Dead in Kihei
Murder in Maui
Murder on Kaanapali Beach
Murder of the Hula Dancers
Murdered in the Man Cave
Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen
Introduction to Seduction
Reasonable Doubt
The Life and Times of Jade Leskiv Vol. 1
Piece Keeper
Cannibal in the City
Body Bags & Last Rites
Precious Cargo
Red Herring
Whiskey Gulf
The Long Mile
Deuce's Wild
Slice, Slice, Baby
A Negro and an Ofay
Ace Boon Coon
Details at Ten
Hit Time
Video Cowboys
Like a Sister
Hollywood Homicide
Hollywood Ending
The Accidental Hunter
The Plot against Hip Hop
The Lost Treasures of R & B
To Funk and Die in LA
The Darkest Hearts
The Conductors
The Undertakers
Murder in G Major
Death in D Minor
Killing in C Sharp
Fatality in F
Execution in E
Astride a Pink Horse
First of State
The Devil's Hatband
The Devil's Red Nickel
The Devil's Backbone
Resurrecting Langston Blue
The Fourth Perspective
The Mongoose Deception
Blackbird, Farewell
Somebody Else's Child
Blood Will Tell
And Now She's Gone
No One Knows You're Here
These Toxic Things
The View from Here
They All Fall Down
We Lie Here
What Fire Brings
What Never Happened
Land of Shadows
Skies of Ash
Trail of Echoes
City of Saviors
Cold Medina
Color of Justice
Dark Town Redemption
Double Dead
Supreme Justice
The Executioner's Game
Grind City
Miss Aldridge Regrets
Harlem After Midnight
Last Place Seen
The Gospel Choir Murder
Thou Shalt Kill
Blood Red Blues
Dead by Popular Demand
Wrong As Two Left Shoes
Graveyard Samba
Welcome to the Big Show
Kill ‘Em In Brazil
Six 2 One
The Killing of Eleanor Rigby
Cemetery Road
Fear of the Dark
Not Long for This World
You Can Die Trying
It's Not a Pretty Sight
When Last Seen Alive
All the Lucky Ones Are Dead
Good Man Gone Bad
Going Nowhere Fast
Bad News Travels Fast
Nowhere to Go and All Day to Get There
Time's Undoing
Bury Me When I'm Dead
Wake Me When It's Over
Catch Me When I'm Falling
Judge Me When I'm Wrong
Find Me When I'm Lost
Warn Me When It's Time
Cookies, Lies & Homicide
Her Pretty Lies
The Paris Secret
The Perfect Affair
The Company You Keep
Tangled Roots
Diva's Last Curtain Call
Schooled In Lies
Sly, Slick & Wicked
Doing It To Death
Knight's Fall
Knight's Shade
The Quarter Storm
The Foreign Exchange
The Vulture
Run Man Run
A Rage in Harlem
The Crazy Kill
The Real Cool Killers
All Shot Up
The Big Gold Dream
The Heat's On
Cotton Comes to Harlem
Blind Man with a Pistol
Dark Turns
Her Three Lives
Lies She Told
One Little Secret
The Widower's Wife
A Death in Harlem
Gone Missing in Harlem
Presumed Dead
Windy City
Chicago Blues
Violent Crimes
Red Lightning
The Left Hand of God
Time of the Assassins
The Devil’s Shadow
Criminal Element
Talma Gordon
Cup of Secrets – Trace of Lace
Milo's Journey
The Taste of Rain
The Spice Code
Final Harvest
Charlotte's Revenge
Look Twice
The Inheritance
The Fallen Angels Book Club
Sticks & Stones
The Return of the Fallen Angels Book Club
The Trade List
The Bell Tolls
The Identity Thief
The Appraiser
Poetic Justice
Deceptive Justice
Hell Has No Fury
Sugar and Spice
This Is My America
Adequate Counsel
Righteous Defender
Pushed Times Chewing Pepper
Secrets, Spells and Snake Eyes
Orchids and Omens
Pipe Dream
The Bridge
Payback: The Return of C.R.E.A.M.
The Last Confession
The Gravedigger's Ball
The Dead Man's Wife
August Snow
Lives Laid Away
They Can't Take Your Name
Zoe Matthews, the Undead Ghost, and the Demon
Zoe Matthews, the Unwanted Ghost, and the Cursed Manuscript
I Know What You've Done
My Other Husband
Kill Three Birds
If 6 Were 9
Rendezvous Eighteenth
Ghosts of Saint-Michel
Gotta Let It Go
Gotta Get It Back
Watch Her Run
Murder in Montego Bay
Murder Under the Palms
Murder at Sugar Rush Beach
The Cutting Season
Bluebird, Bluebird
Heaven, My Home
Black Water Rising
Too Beautiful to Die
Love and Death in Brooklyn
The Darkest Street
Black Widow Society
Red Ink
What's Done In The Dark
When We Practice To Deceive
The Jigsaw Man
The Binding Room
Murder by Page One
Murder Out of Character
Mayhem & Mass
Peril & Prayer
Alibis & Angels
Against the Currant
Hard Dough Homicide
Coconut Drop Dead
Murder in the Parador: the Death of John Donne
Silent Conspiracy
Silent Suspicion
One Must Wait
Where to Choose
The Step Between
Paradise Interrupted
Keeping Secrets
Night Songs
Love Notes
Darkness Descending
Death's Echoes
Two Graves Dug
A Murder Too Close
Kenora Reinvented
Deadly Sins I
Deadly Sins II
Deadly Sins III
North Downing
The New Mrs. Collins
The Truth About Vivian
Deep Fried Trouble
Oven Baked Secrets
Lemon Filled Disaster
A Simmering Dilemma
An Unsavory Mess
A Spicy Predicament
Marinated Conditions
Double Mocha Blues
A Latte Mayhem
Hostile Eyewitness
Bittersweet Motives
Dangerous Confessions
Waning Innocence
Two For The Pain
Sweet Burial
All Her Little Secrets
Anywhere You Run
Devil in a Blue Dress
A Red Death
White Butterfly
Black Betty
A Little Yellow Dog
Gone Fishin'
Bad Boy Brawly Brown
Six Easy Pieces
Little Scarlet
Cinnamon Kiss
Blonde Faith
Little Green
Rose Gold
Charcoal Joe
Blood Grove
Farewell, Amethystine
Fearless Jones
Fear Itself
Fear of the Dark
Down the River unto the Sea
Every Man a King
The Long Fall
Known to Evil
When the Thrill Is Gone
All I Did Was Shoot My Man
And Sometimes I Wonder About You
Trouble is What I Do
Who Would Have Thought
Consequences of Crime, Greed, & Love
Why Now?
Blanche on the Lam
Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
Blanche Cleans Up
Blanche Passes Go
Nairobi Heat
Cercueil & Cie
Coffin & Co.
B.E.A.N. Police
The Girl From Maiduguri
It Sometimes Snows In May
Deadly Sacrifice
The Strivers' Row Spy
Beneath the Darkest Sky
An Unrefusable Request
Good Girls Don't Get Murdered
The Good-Looking Dead Guy
The Movie Makers
The Unvarnished: A Mondo Pulp Collection
Treacherous: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers
One Shot Harry
Ash Dark as Night
Violent Spring
Perdition, U.S.A
Bad Night Is Falling
Only the Wicked
Blood Rights
The Last Candidate
Point of Darkness
An Image to Die For
Trouble in Queenstown
Lost and Found in Harlem
Practice the Jealous Arts
Black and Blue in Harlem
Pauper and Prince in Harlem
Murder My Past
Murder Take Two
No Man's Ghost
Death at the Voyager Hotel
Wife of the Gods
Children of the Street
Murder at Cape Three Points
Gold of Our Fathers
Death by His Grace
The Missing American
Last Seen in Lapaz
Tick Tock
The Arrangement
The Blackmail
All That Is Secret
Double the Lies
Pursuit of the Truth
Missing at Christmas
Christmas Data Breach
Shielding Her Son
Dark Water Disappearance
Catching the Carling Lake Killer
Under the Cover of Darkness
A Stalker's Prey
The Genesis Files
Love Is a Racket
Stray Dogs
The Drift
The Secret Keepers
The Unwanted
The Legacy
The Missing
The Birthright
Chocolate Covered Murder: A Valentine's Day Novella
Mustard-Based Murder: An Independence Day Novella
A Mistletoe Murder: A Christmas Novella
A Masked Murder: A Halloween Novella
Southern Fried Murder: A Thanksgiving Novella
A Countdown Murder
I Told Her Your Secret
On the Road to Makurdi
Bewaji's Ankara Adventures
Wura's Woodin Adventures
Lara's Lace Adventures
Violet's Velvet Adventures
Buying Time
Anybody's Daughter
Abuse of Discretion
Every Reasonable Doubt
In Firm Pursuit
Murder on the Down Low
Attorney-Client Privilege
Lawful Deception
Ethiopian Stories
Hard Luck and Trouble
Down and Dirty
Killing Me Softly
Sweet Little Lies
What You Don't Know
Every Breath You Take
Missing You
Live To Tell
Tell Me A Lie
White Christmas
The Violin Conspiracy
The Audubon Park Murder
A Murder in the Quarters
Passe Blanc
Coffee, Beignets, and Murder
Forty Acres: A Thriller
The Unkind Hours
The Unspoken
Do Not Go Gently
Hoodoo Man
Green Money
Reckless Eyeballin'
Fatal Justice
Spiral Of Guilt
The Savior
A Killing Fire
A Killing Rain
The Closet Case
Take Hart
The Harlem Charade
A Darker Shade of Crimson
Blue Blood
Orange Crushed: An Ivy League
The Missing Deckpro Files
Textbook Murder
The Women in White
The Lethal List
Monday Morning Mystery
The Shoebox Mystery
The Dying Ground
The Last King
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Murder About Town
A Ticket To Murder
Bed & Breakfast Bedlam
Coastal Cottage Calamity
Maya Mound Mayhem
Food Fair Frenzy
Garden Gazebo Gallivant
South Seas Shenanigans
Witch's Wheel
Angel Angst
Secrets, Lies, & Crawfish Pies
Love, Hopes, & Marriage Tropes
Potions, Tells, & Deadly Spells
A Tiny Collierville Murder
A Merry Branson Murder
The Hidden Threat
The Accidental Hero
The Relentless Hero
The Fallen Hero
The Unworthy Wife
The Silent Enemy
Dial QR For Murder
Lyrics of a Blackbird
Goodfellowe House
Black Orchid Blues
Backdrop to Murder
Dear Sister Dead
A Glimmer of Death
A Fatal Glow
A Shimmer of Red
When Death Comes Stealing
Devil's Gonna Get Him
Where Evil Sleeps
No Hiding Place
Easier to Kill
The Devil Riding
Dying in the Dark
Of Blood and Sorrow
Loss of Innocence
Killing Kin
Killer Riches
Killer Chameleon
Tokyo Firewall
Melody for Murder
Mojo for Murder
Death at a Seance
The New Year's Hex
FBI Myths and Misconceptions: A Manual for Armchair Detectives
FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives
Pay To Play
Greedy Givers
Spooks, Spies, and Private Eyes
Inner City Blues
Stormy Weather
Dirty Laundry
Strange Bedfellows
The Silent Enemy
The Perfect Liar
Until Death Do Us Part
No One Will Find You
You Will Die For This
Don't Make Me Hurt You
Easter Egg Hunt Murder
Merry Christmas Murder
Trick or Treat Murder
Gobble Gobble Murder
Happy Birthday Murder
Happy 4th of July Murder
Summer Vacation Murder
Happy New Year Murder
A Sly and Sinister Tail
A Cold and Calculating Tail
A Foul and Frightening Tail
What You Leave Behind