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From Elizabeth Wilkerson's Amazon author page…

Elizabeth Wilkerson's latest novel, Tokyo Firewall, follows lawyer Alison Crane as she attempts to thwart an anonymous cyber-stalker who’s hell-bent on destroying her life.

Elizabeth Wilkerson writes Afrofuturist thrillers set in exclusive arenas of privilege, power and entitlement. Her stories depict African-American women entangled in crises where legality, morality and self-preservation collide.

Elizabeth's passion for technology dates back to when, as a little girl, she was an honorary member of a computer club for Boy Scouts. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she graduated with an AB from Harvard University and holds JD and MBA degrees from Stanford University. A former professional dancer and choreographer, she was awarded Prince Philip's Royal Society of Arts' Silver Medal. Previously, Elizabeth worked as an M&A investment banker in New York where she advised clients on corporate takeover strategies. After graduate school, she moved to Tokyo where she practiced securities law and established an entertainment production company to present contemporary African-American artists to Japanese audiences.

While in Japan, Elizabeth enjoyed writing articles about Black culture for Japanese literary publications. She worked as a script consultant for Japanese TV movies, studied butoh dance with the legendary Kazuo Ono, and taught modern dance.

Returning to the States during the birth of the World Wide Web, Elizabeth was one of Silicon Valley's first cyber-lawyers. She continues her work as a cultural ambassador through her company, Tidepoint Pictures, a movie distributor that releases cutting-edge Asian motion pictures, as well as through her disability rights activism. Elizabeth is a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America.

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