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R Franklin James is the creator of the six book Hollis Morgan mystery series. This series is very interesting because of the way it traces Hollis Morgan's life from a recently released white collar criminal to becoming a probate lawyer. While Morgan is trying to regain her life and reputation after being convicted of a crime due to the criminal behavior of her husband, she finds herself mixed up in murder cases. R Franklin James' work experience immersed her in the world of law and she uses this knowledge to build a series of thrilling mysteries. The reader also gets to know and fall in love with the amateur sleuth Hollis Morgan.

Ms. James has started a new cozy mystery series. The Remy Loh Bishop series centers recently fired forensic technician Remy Bishop. The victim of a forgery that cost her job, Remy begins looking for who set her up while working as an appraiser for an auction house. When she visits a new client Remy finds the client dead and herself as a prime suspect.

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