Charnora Reid is an independent author of children books that capture all the wonderful joy and freedom of play. In each of the two books I purchased, Charnora builds her books around a poem and it really works. This makes the books a pleasure to read and very approachable. Parents will love reading these books to their children over and over again. The language used in the books will make these excellent tools to help children learn how to read.

“Play at Your Own Risk” follows the adventurous day Dawson and Charlie have when they just want to play in their neighborhood playground. There is just one problem, The playground is in great need of repair. This was not something that was going to deter Dawson and Charlie. We all know that children will find a way to play in spite of the circumstances.  The story is really cute and funny. You will find yourself laughing after each stumble and bump. The book is Illustrated by Almar Denso and he did a good job. He does a good job representing Dawson and Charlie and young black children will see themselves in these characters. Between Charnora Reid's words and Almar Denso's illustrations, you get a good feeling for the joy of childhood play even when faced with obstacles. This book also includes discussion questions that parents and teachers can use. This is a good book for early readers, maybe 3 – 6 years old.

“I See You and You See Me” is a fun book that parents can read to their children from the earliest age. The story follows a young girl who is beginning her day of play and all the interactions she has. All this occurs under the watchful eye of her mother. The young girl starts the day with her dog. She then has fun playing with a frog and the fish at a local pond and stream. She sits down to watch a snail followed by a game of hid and seek with her dog. She has an encounter with a bee that results in a stinging but everything turns out fine because she can run to her mother's arms.

David Marion is the illustrator and the images he creates are warm and wonderful. You can get this book in a paperback version or a board book. The board book is perfect for little children. This book has everything an early reader needs. I see this book as a babies favorite that they always need Grandma to read to them.

Charnora Reid creates great stories that capture the joy and wonder of childhood. The freedom of play without fear is a constant backdrop. Charnora Reid creates books that parents and grandparents will love reading to the children in their lives over and over again.

Reid, Charnora
I See You and You See Me
Play At Your Own Risk