Chris Ferrie has created an innovative and fun line of books designed to introduce science to babies and when I say babies I mean infants. Chris Ferrie's books use colorful and simple images along with easy to understand language to explain concepts in Quantum Physics, Newtonian Physics, Chemistry and more. These books are designed for parents to read to their infants . By introducing babies to big ideas early, Chris believes that you can spark a lifelong interest in Science. In this episode we will learn more about this fascinating line of baby books and their creator.

How did I discover these cool books by Chris Ferrie?

I had the great honor of attending an author event at the Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia for Amber Tamblyn, the author of “Any Man”. Amber Tamblyn is an accomplished actor and director who has written a very interesting novel that follows the lives of five men who are sexually abused by a female serial rapist. The goal of the book is to de-gender the topic of sexual assault and to start a conversation about how our society treats victims of sexual assault. This is a book worth reading.

Amber Tamblyn was on a book tour that included the Fountain Bookstore and on her tour she selected local authors in each area to do a five minute reading of their book at the start of her event. This was such a great thing for Ms. Tamblyn to do. For an author of her status to share her platform with local authors is very rare and wonderful. Well, my wife Rekaya Gibson was selected to do a five minute reading of her book “The Food Temptress”. Thus this is how I ended up in the Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Va.

We arrived early and were treated great by the owner and staff of the bookstore. If you are a book lover then you need to stop and visit the Fountain Bookstore. They have author events quite frequently and the overall feel of the store will make any book reader feel at home. So, I was looking around when I say a title that caught my eye. “Quantum Physics for Babies” I had to pick it up. It was definitely designed for infants, with its thick pages and colorful images but when I read through it, I saw that it was really explaining quantum physics. Then to my surprise I say another book “Newtonian Physics for Babies” and I was instantly captivated by the series and the idea behind the books.

What makes Chris Ferrie's books so good?

First, I loved that these books take complex subjects and present them in a format that is digestible by parents and children. If you are reading these books to your baby, you will learn a lot and you will introduce you child to a world of science that we often see as too hard to comprehend. The same way we use simple images and words to explain familiar concepts like family, being a friend, and love to children, Chris Ferrie's books can help infants and toddlers begin to explore the wide world of science.

The books are made to take the wear and tear of an infant's handling of a book. The images are colorful and simple so you can also use them to help a child learn their shapes and colors. Finally, the language of the book is age appropriate. Any parent will feel very comfortable reading and exploring the ideas presented in this series of books.

Who is Chris Ferrie?

Chris Ferrie is a physicist, mathematician and father of four. He is also a very innovative writer. Often, people with advanced knowledge of math and science have a very difficult time sharing their knowledge because they are so use to having an understanding of the fundamentals of a subject. They do not understand why people unfamiliar with advanced math or science cannot grasp what they are saying. It is not that people lack the intelligence to understand a topic, the real problem occurs  when the new concept is explained in a way that does not relate to the knowledge a person already has. Chris does not have this problem. Through the use of familiar images and examples, this series of books are very successful in explaining core concepts of advanced science.

Where can you get a copy and how many are there?

Go to the Fountain Bookstore's web site. They ship books to any state in the US. They have the full line of Chris Ferrie's books. Plus you will support a wonderful bookstore that is dedicated to connecting readers and authors. Let the good folks at the Fountain Bookstore know I sent you. I get no reward off of this except the pleasure of supporting a wonderful bookstore who introduced me to a wonderful series of books and hosted a great author events. That is reward enough.

The Fountain Bookstore

Links to Chris Ferrie's web pages

The Amber Tamblyn author event at the Fountain Bookstore

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