Chasing Cherry

About the Book

Hot shot lawyer Thaddeus Ziemann thinks dessert chef Odessa Wilkes should stick to baking cupcakes. He wishes her best friend; Maggie would busy herself with taking another community college adult class on Knitting for Fun and Profit. The two amateur detectives are screwing with his case. Ziemann's been hired to defend Bebe Dunn, a sous chef at Odessa’s family restaurant, against the charge of murder. Despite resistance from Ziemann, two New York City police detectives, Maggie and Odessa are determined to help Dunn. Their biggest obstacles are a bodyguard with boundary issues, his egomaniac music promoter boss and Cherry. Sherrilyn ‘Cherry’ Turnbull could clear Dunn’s name but first she wants to get paid. Maggie would prefer she’d tell the truth and go away. Odessa wants to take the wannabe video vixen and rearrange her chromosomes with a rolling pin until she resembles a decent human being, instead of a manipulative, money grumbling opportunist. Finding her could be both difficult and dangerous.

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