Deceptive Justice

About the Book

When Victoria Justice finds herself on the phone with a mad bomber, she doesn’t think twice about springing into action to diffuse the situation. After all, the Bickerton Superior Courthouse is no stranger to all manner of crimes. However, a mysterious package found in the lobby a few minutes later leads to a building evacuation that has everyone pointing fingers, that is, until a car explodes in the parking lot killing a government official. Authorities search the area for clues and determine a recently vindicated arsonist is to blame, but the arrest sparks an alternate theory for Victoria who believes the real culprit is still at large and that she may have been the true target.

With no leads but a manuscript of the initial bomb threat and a faint audio recording of the caller’s scrambled voice, Victoria recruits former State Trooper Ashton North and local newsman Mike Slocum to help her weather the firestorm of community outrage. But can the two men refrain from killing each other long enough to keep Victoria alive and capture the murderer?

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