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Nanette Hayes, a high-styling, saxophone-playing street musician and reluctant amateur detective, is in a slump. Deep in the throes of a post-affair depression, Nanette is busy drowning her sorrows in bourbon and making enemies. To boot, her breakup has a body count. The son of a high-bourgeois doctor, a hip-hopster wannabe, is just one of the fatalities. With no zest for life and no taste for new adventures—not even the attentions of a fatally handsome new lover—heartbroken Nanette is at rock bottom when she receives a gift from sweet old Ida Williams, a crazy-looking voodoo doll named Mama Lou.

Nanette doesn’t believe in black magic, but her luck is beginning to change. A missing check arrives the moment she really needs it. Suddenly she’s the most popular street musician at 53rd and 7th. Best of all, she’s offered a regular gig in a jazz trio at an upscale restaurant. Things are looking up. Then one night at the restaurant, just as the music is heating up, a terrible moment of violence changes everything. Can Nanette untangle the truth behind the mysterious deaths before her luck runs out for good?

Drumsticks is the third book in the Nanette Hayes Mystery series.

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