Five Minutes

About the Book

Private Investigator Jonelle Sweet’s day begins like any other until she overhears a conversation about an abducted child.
After offering her services to the mother’s court-appointed attorney, Jonelle learns Tamora Phelps left her four-year-old daughter Lark alone in the unlocked apartment while she went across the street to the mini-mart. Tamora insists only five minutes passed from the moment she left to the time Lark’s father arrived unannounced and called the police.

The Mother Accused

Although hired by a court-appointed attorney to only prove the mother’s alibi, Jonelle fears for Lark’s safety when Tamora seems indifferent about the child’s well-being. Finding out the reason why motivates Jonelle to go above and beyond the lawyer’s requirements and she races to find Lark before something bad happens. One question nags at her: in an apartment full of children, why kidnap this one?
A ragtag group of misfits try to thwart her every move. Though the combined IQ of the suspects wouldn’t add up to three digits, they’re able to predict her next move.
Is someone shadowing Jonelle?

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