Happy New Year Murder

About the Book

In the Palmchat Islands, where the New Year ushers in hope and joy, Beanie and his family revel in a dazzling fireworks display. Little do they know that the night's festivities will soon give way to a chilling mystery.

As the first light of the year graces the sleepy island, Beanie heads to the backyard to stow away the lawn chairs, only to stumble upon a strange scene.

A man staggering toward him, wounded and seeking help.

The victim turns out to be the wealthy owner of a loan company with lots of enemies, from an employee fired for shady business practices to an ex-partner looking for revenge after being kicked out of the company.

As Beanie delves into the labyrinth of secrets, he uncovers a trail leading to a sinister scheme. The motives are tangled, the suspects unpredictable, and the danger lurking becomes palpable.

With every revelation, Beanie navigates the twisted paths of betrayal and stumbles upon a startling revelation that unveils a plot that no one could have anticipated.

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