Murder About Town

About the Book

A collection of cozyish short stories of murder and mayhem all over town!

A LIGHT FOR ROSLIND – For those ghosts that are bound to the theater, there is a light is left on for to dance and perform by. One is on at the Rose Hall Theater for Rosalind Kelly. Tragically dying before her first big performance. But what really happened? Was it an accident or was it murder? Only one person knows for sure–or does she?

JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER – You can’t always get the job you want, but Maxwell Stevens doesn’t belief in giving up. He won’t let anything stop him. Not his cerebral palsy and not the lack of a job opening.

BLOOD LIES – Family is always important. Love unconditional. But sometimes dealing with family can not only be filled with secrets and lies, but be deadly.

A CHRISTMAS PRESENT – The best gifts come at Christmas, at least they have for Lynley Richardson, but at what cost?

THE LIFE KEEPER – A small town in Romania bursting full of fables and desires. But be careful how you go about getting what you want, it might just cost you your life.

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