Murder Is Revealing

About the Book

When aspiring writer Dr. Myaisha Douglas joins the Greensboro Women of Color Writing Group, in the hopes of writing a novel, she never imagines taking on the role of amateur sleuth in a real-life murder mystery.
When a friend, and member of the group, turns up dead, Myaisha believes she can help the police solve the crime. As an avid reader of mysteries, she feels confident that all of those stories have left her with the skills to find the killer. And, she’s also determined to see her friend’s murderer brought to justice.
However, the amateur detective soon regrets getting involved when her friend’s corruption and illegal dealings come to light. And, when their prime suspect ends up dead, the police warn Myaisha to stay off the case. Just as it looks like her investigation is over, the doctor is drawn back into the case when another member of the group becomes suspect number one.
Using her knowledge of medicine, and years as an armchair detective, can Myaisha deliver the murderer to the authorities or will she become victim number three?

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