The Case of the Bent Spoke

About the Book

Introducing readers to the little known name of Marshall “Major” Taylor, the world's first African American cycling champion. Canterbury weaves a wild and suspenseful tale full of atmosphere and historical details that transports the reader to another time and place in history. Sonja Hazzard, author of “Motley Tales.”

The boys of Poplar Cove, a small “colored” town on the edge of Northern California's western coast are excited to show off their bicycle skills before the World Famous Major Taylor, who is visiting their town on the way to a bicycle exhibition in Japan. Can they have their race before someone tries to prevent Major Taylor from judging their event?

When legendary racing cyclist Major Taylor comes to Poplar Cove, danger follows him. Taylor wants to spend a few days fishing before attending a cycling expedition in Japan, but someone is planning to prevent the famous cyclist from competing in that country.To honor Taylor, the small community of Poplar Cove organizes a bicycle race of their own.

While people from neighboring towns come to join in the race, others came scheming to do harm to Taylor. Their efforts are foiled by the brave actions of the town's young boys who are drawn into action and expose the criminal. This story is set in the 1930s in an imaginary colored town below Eureka. It is the third of a popular series about the adventures of the children who live there.

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