The Perfect Liar

About the Book

Plagued with anxiety that derailed her promising legal career, Quinn decides to cure her panic attacks with sex.

A clandestine trip to an island hotel known for arranging decadent fantasies seems like a good idea—until Quinn is accused of murdering one of the hunky “fantasy” guys.

Despite being blackmailed by the dead hunk, Quinn insists she’s innocent.

An aggressive island detective wants to put her under the jailhouse, but Quinn is determined to prove that she didn’t put a knife in the victim’s chest.

With the help of Icarus, a handsome hotel chauffeur, Quinn sets out to find the real killer. Icarus reveals that the hunk was working with a gang of thieves, and someone wants them all dead.

Quinn refuses to be blamed when another victim is found stabbed to death. But, the murderer isn’t trying to frame Quinn.

The killer wants Quinn dead. She’s not just fighting to clear her name … she’s fighting to save her life…

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