The Secret of the Stairs

About the Book

Robbie Raines is an inquisitive eleven-year-old girl with a deep love of history and the strange ability to see visions populated by famous figures.

When she’s forced to spend her summer days with her mysterious Aunt Enna in a dilapidated, horror-movie-scary old house, she discovers a dark family secret. A local handyman was found dead in the basement years ago, and his death was never solved. Was it an accident? Or did her aunt commit a cold-blooded murder?

Armed with her intense curiosity, a vast knowledge of historical trivia, and her helpful visions, Robbie sets out to solve the decade-old case. With the aid of a retired detective named Granger, and her best pal, Stacie, Robbie discovers clues long missed by the police and pieces together what really happened in her aunt’s shadowy stairway.

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