The Spice Code

About the Book

In the heart of a quiet college town, restaurant owner and chef, Raphael Parera, finds himself entangled in a web of deception that threatens not only his culinary career but his very life. Charmed by the enigmatic beauty of his new girlfriend, Isabella, Raphael is unaware of the darkness lurking beneath her captivating smile.

As their relationship deepens, Raphael suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving his cousin, Amira Cooper, frantic with worry. Unbeknownst to Isabella, he manages to send a cryptic message through a seemingly innocent bag of groceries to his restaurant – a silent plea for help hidden within a recipe's ingredients.

Desperate to save her beloved cousin, Amira embarks on a perilous journey to decipher the clues concealed within the grocery bag. Each ingredient holds a vital piece of information, pointing to Raphael’s whereabouts and the sinister truth behind his disappearance.

Will Amira decipher the ingredients' hidden meanings in time to rescue Raphael, or will Isabella's twisted game end in a tragedy that will forever alter their lives? Get ready to indulge in a mystery where every twist and turn will leave you craving more.

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