Vanity, Vengeance And A Weekend In Vegas

About the Book

Mystery writer and part time recreational sleuth, Sophie Katz has just discovered that her boyfriend and love-of-her-life, Anatoly Darinsky, has a secret he's been keeping from her for years: he has an estranged wife who is a powerful player in the Russian mafia…which he used to work for. Devastated by the discovery, Sophie kicks him to the curb.

In a desperate attempt to distract and cheer her, Sophie's friends spirit her away for a fun filled weekend in Vegas. But bigger trouble awaits in the city of sin. Anatoly is there; his beautiful Russian wife is there; and so is a dead body stuffed into the closet of a hotel room reserved under Sophie's name. Sophie’s completely over her head and when a mysterious man offers her help she’s tempted to take it. But who is he and whose side is he on? And why is she getting the feeling that the next victim might be Anatoly? She may want to kill him herself but no one else is going to hurt Sophie's man.

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