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Two pieces of wisdom Carole Ann Gibson didn't want to hear: Number 1– You can't go home again. Number 2– Grieving is process that takes time and effort. When her mother calls with a request for help, Carole Ann jumps at the chance to leave D.C. and head for her home town of Los Angeles. She has no reason to remain in D.C.: She walked away from her lucrative law practice and her husband was murdered. And her mother needs her. Ex-homicide detective and almost good friend Jake Graham isn't buying it. He accuses her of running away from the buried deep pain of her husband's murder, buried so deep she hasn't dealt with it–a truth she denies. After all, she's the one who brought her husband's killer to justice, almost getting herself killed in the process, and it was Jake who saved her life. It doesn't take long to find that things are worse than bad in the Los Angeles neighborhood where Carole Ann grew up: Attacks on senior citizens, including her mother, that lead to murder; community resistance that leads to murder; across-the-border people smuggling that leads to murder; and a police department that seems not to care. Then, when long buried, ugly family secrets surface, and when Carole Ann commits murder, Jake sends reinforcements and back-up to LA–the same ones he sent to New Orleans a year earlier to save Carole Ann. Once again, ex-homicide cop Jake Graham in D.C., and ex-criminal defense lawyer C.A. Gibson in LA, join minds and forces across the miles to grab some justice for those who can't grab it for them-selves, and both learn some hard lessons and truths along the way.

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