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Set in Harlem, her central character Mali Anderson explores all the unique areas of the community in her quest to solve a murder. Grace F Edwards takes Mali through the “three B's” of Harlem: the beauty shops, barbershops, and the bars.

Grace F Edwards' central character, Mali Anderson is a former NYPD officer who left the force after punching out a fellow officer for his sexist remarks. Living with here jazz musician father in Harlem, Mali is focused on obtaining an advanced degree in sociology and raising her orphaned nephew.

In the first book in the series, “If I Should Die“, Mali Anderson is on her way to pick up her nephew from his rehearsal with the Uptown Children's Chorus when she hears a child's cry for help. Mali stops the abduction of a child and after the kidnappers escape, she discovers a body. It is Mr. Erskin Harding the tour director of the Chorus. Mali must find out who killed her friend even when things get dangerous.

In the second book in the series, “A Toast Before Dying“, Mali's life intersects with murder when she goes to the Half-Moon Bar to see her father's group. The bartender-singer at the bar was supposed to have her birthday party that day but instead is found dead in an alley by the club. Mali is not only faced with the mystery of discovering the killer but also the puzzle of who the singer really is.

In “No Time to Die“, the third book in the series, Grace F Edwards continues to explore the world of Harlem and the life of Mali Anderson. This book starts out with Mali preparing to celebrate her friend Claudine's divorce from an abusive and dishonest husband. Her friend never shows and is later found dead. Claudine's ex is the number one suspect in Mali's eyes but things get complicated when another woman is found dead.

Grace F Edwards fourth book in the Mali Anderson series is “Do or Die“. In this story things become very personal for Mali. Star Hendrix is a jazz singer  and Mali's father is giving Star a chance to revitalize her career by singing for his popular group. But Star never shows up for the gig and is later found dead. The prime suspect is a low-life pimp with a grudge against Star. But when the pimp gets killed, everyone suspects Mali's father of taking revenge. Mali Anderson is in a race to clear her father and find the real killer behind both deaths.

Grace F Edwards has created a wonderful series of books that feature a black woman investigator set in the rich world of Harlem.

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