A Conversation with Alverne Ball – Mystery and Graphic Novel Author

Author of the Frank Calhoun police procedurals series

  • Only the Holy Remain
  • Blue Religion

And the New Graphic Novel – “Across the Tracks: Remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre and Black Wall Street

We Discuss:

  • Alverne’s sleuth Frank Calhoun who has some heavy demons he is fighting. Alverne provides insight into the character and his reasons for creating Frank Calhoun.
  • We discuss the relationship between Frank Calhoun and his partner Fred Lions. How two Black police officers are seen by others as similar when the reality is so very different.
  • Alverne shares the details on his research process of this book.
  • We learn how the city of Chicago plays an important role in both books in the series.
  • Alverne digs deep into how his mysteries explore the relationship between the Black community and the police force. Also, the relationship between Black police officers and the community.
  • We discuss the new graphic novel (“Across the Tracks:”) by Alverne Ball and illustrator Stacey Robinson.
  • Alverne explains how this graphic novel brings a new approach to telling the story of the Tulsa Race Massacre and Black Wall Street.
  • Alverne shares some news about his future projects

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Only The Holy Remain
Blue Religion
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