A Conversation with Mystery Author Faye Snowden

Fay Snowden's Website: Noir mystery writer | Faye Snowden

I had the immense pleasure to talk with mystery author Faye Snowden. Her latest book is “A Killing Rain” and features her sleuth, Raven Burns. “A Killing Rain” is the second book in the Raven Burns series of mysteries.

We Discuss

2:15Faye provides an overview of “A Killing Rain”
4:06We discuss Faye’s sleuth, Raven Burns
15:17Faye provides insight into the motivation for the names of the books in the series
19:37We discuss what Raven Burns would do and eat when she is not solving a mystery
21:18We talk about three of the other characters in the story. We start with Billy Ray
24:14We move on to discuss Imogene and the source of her tension with Raven
27:13We finish our discussion of the supporting characters with Mamma Joe
31:26Faye Snowden shares her reasons for creating a fictional city in Louisiana for her setting
35:51We discuss the meaning of Noir fiction
38:31We discuss Faye Snowden’s other novels and short stories
45:11Faye discussed reading the short stories of James Alan McPherson (James Alan McPherson – Wikipedia)

Midnight Hour
Fatal Justice
Spiral Of Guilt
The Savior
A Killing Fire
A Killing Rain