A Conversation with Mystery Author Nicole Glover

Nicole Glover's Website: Nicole Glover (nicole-glover.com)

Nicole Glovers books “The Conductors” and “The Undertakers” are historical mystery set in post-civil war Philidelphia. The sleuths Hetty and Benjy solve murder mysteries with magic.

We Discuss:

  • 03:00 – Nicole discusses her motivation for creating The Conductors.
  • 04:13 – Nicole provides details on her research process. She provides some insightful information on the facts and myths of life during the Pre and Post Civil War period.
  • 14:13 – We discuss the magic system created for The Conductors and The Undertakers.
  • 19:33 – We discuss the relationship between Benjy and Hetty. Nicole gives insight on how she includes a romance story thread in her books.
  • 24:51 – We explore how Hetty and Benjy work together as a team to solve the murder mystery.
  • 27:39 – We talk about how Nocole Glover's Magic and Murder series uses post-civil war Philidelphia as its setting. Especially the lesser-known Black community.
  • 30:23 – We discuss the second book in the series, The Undertakers.
  • 42:28 – Nicole gives us insight into her writing process.

The Conductors
The Undertakers