Abby L Vandiver

A Conversation With
Cozy Mystery Author
Abby Vandiver

I had the honor to speak with Abby Vandiver, who is an accomplished and prolific cozy mystery author. She has five different cozy series. We talk about her latest book in her new “Ice Cream Parlor” series titled “A Deadly Inside Scoop”. In this series Abby uses the pen name “Abby Collete”. This was a fun, informative and inspirational conversation.

Published: Sept. 24, 2020

We discussed:

[00:02:04] Abby tells us why she selected Chagrin Falls, Ohio for the setting for her new cozy mystery series

[00:04:27] Abby shares why she choose the winter season for this story.

[00:06:33] We share our snow stories

[00:07:45] We talk about Abby's name choice for her central character and how she create names for her characters. We also talk about the unique character trait of her protagonist Bronwyn

[00:12:46] Abby explains why she selected an ice-cream parlor as the central business in this cozy mystery series

[00:15:07] Abby shares how she balances mystery and family back stories in this book

[00:18:31] We talk about the black family portrayed in “A Deadly Inside Scoop”

[00:21:19] We get a preview of the next book in the Ice Cream Parlor series

[00:25:36] Abby shares why her latest book is published under the pen name Abby Collette.

[00:29:05] Abby shares her experience as both a self-published author and now a traditionally published author

[00:36:11] We talk about the other cozy mystery series by Abby

[00:56:38] We talk about how Abby's experience as a lawyer has affected her fiction writing

[00:58:05] Abby shares about her interesting Christmas cozy novella, “Baby It's Cold Outside”

[01:01:08] Abby shares what inspires and motivate her writing. Abby also shares her inspiring life story.

[01:09:33] Abby shares her advice for budding mystery writers

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