One word best describes the children’s books and podcast by author/illustrator Angela Ferrari and that word is FUN! Angela Ferrari brings a level of energy, fun and love to all her projects that is infectious and will bring a smile to young and old. If you are looking for books for young children that will be fun and engaging then you have found the right person. Also check out Angela’s new podcast “Story Spectacular”. Twice a week Angela will deliver entertaining stories for children that include some real catchy tunes.

Highlights from Angela Ferrari’s interview

  • Angela shares her journey from artist to writer and how she came to select children’s literature.
  • We talk about Angela’s books: “Diggers Daily Routine”, “An Extraordinary Book!” and “What Do You See?”
  • I am a big fan of Digger the Dog
  • Angela Ferrari shares the motivation behind each book.
  • We talk about the reactions her young readers have had to the books
  • Angela is starting a new podcast titled “Story Spectacular” which features many of the characters in her books plus many new ones. “Story Spectacular” is a twice weekly podcast. See the links below.
  • We talk about the great tunes Angela has created for her podcast.
  • We learn about a cool activity on Angela’s site called Quil's Postcards
  • Angela shares her motivation for self-publishing her works
  • We get a sneak peek at two new books Angela is working on

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An Extraordinary Book

An Extraordinary Book

Ordinary books are for reading and looking at pictures, but this is no ordinary book. This is an extraordinary book!

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Digger's Daily Routine

Digger's Daily Routine

Every day for Digger is exactly the same. Until one day something happens, that is so profound, it turns Digger and his whole routine upside-down...

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What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Look all around and what do you see? Lines and patterns connect us to everything.

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