Angela Spears, the creator and founder of Dream Living, is an International Coaching Federation, ACC Certified Life & Executive Coach, Talent Management, Leadership and Organizational Development expert. She is the author of the “Dream Living Journal”.  Angela is also a Keynote Speaker and friend whose purpose in life is to help others achieve phenomenal life results leading to ultimately fulfilling their dreams.

Angela joins us to discuss her Dream Living Journal and how it integrates into her coaching process. Angela shares her history as a facilitator, executive coach and manager of learning and development organizations. Angela explains how the coaching process works and what people can expect to achieve from the process.

Angela Spears’ Dream Living Journal contains a series of questions that provides the guidance to define your dreams and to develop a plan to achieve your dreams. Angela created the Dream Living Journal as a tool for her clients to use during the coaching process. It is a tool that Angela has used for years for herself in her progress towards her dreams. Even if you are not ready to engage in a coaching relationship at this time, the journal can be used to get you started on the path to achieve your dreams.

Angela shares how her coaching process has changed the lives of her clients. Angela’s describes how one client made a change in career path that resulted in greater rewards both personal and financial. Angela explains how past patterns influence our vision of what we can do today. She also shares how the use of the journal in conjunction with her coaching have empowered people to move beyond barriers they assumed were impenetrable.

Dream Living Journal

Dream Living Journal


This Dream Living Journal is a tool that can be used to document and track your goals and dreams, leading you to a path of success. It outlines questions to ask yourself and some of the steps required to help identify, articulate, and achieve your dreams. This journal also includes several Dream Jou...

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The Dream Living Journal is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you are interested in starting a coaching relationship with Angela, you can contact her through her web site ( Her web site contains information about the coaching process, upcoming events and social media links.

Get your copy of Angela Spears’ Dream Living Journal and begin your journey to achieving you dreams.