A country going through a massive regime change, a shadowy figure who rules the country, two children of an aristocratic family who have two very different visions for the future, this is just part of the fantastic world Anna Redmond builds in her novel “The Golden Arrow”. A story of political and religious intrigue set in a wonderfully detailed fantasy world.

Interview highlights

  • We discuss how Anna came to write “The Golden Arrow”
  • Anna gives a brief description of the story (No Spoilers)
    Anna shares how she built the rich world of “The Golden Arrow”
  • We talk about the feedback she has received from her readers and Anna's plans for a sequel
  • We then move on to Anna Redmond's work with Kaitlin Solimine in the creation of HIPPO Reads
  • Anna describes the challenge to get exposure for the works published by academics
  • Anna describes the barriers people face when trying to read and understand academic articles
  • We discuss a staggering statistic concerning who is actual reading academic publications
  • Anna provides a detail view of HIPPO Reads' mission and the effect their work is having by exposing the work of academics to change makers in the world.

You can follow Anna Redmond on the HIPPO Reads website and Twitter

Hippo Reads:  hipporeads.com/

Twitter:  @actdelicious

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