Author Jaynee Sasso is an entrepreneur, inspirational and keynote speaker and transition coach. Jaynee joins us today to discuss her books and to share her wisdom.

Jaynee’s book “5 Strategies to Leverage Times of Change and Uncertainty” is a life line for people in transition who are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Her strategies are tested methods that have worked in her own life and have save her from challenges that would have overcome most people. Jaynee Sasso speaks from a place of knowledge and experience.

Jaynee also discussed her book, “Make Life Work: A Caregivers Inspirational Journal: 30 Days in H.I.M.” This journal was created to help those persons who find themselves in the role as care giver. By reading, following the advice in the book and journaling the reader will learn how to be a more effective care giver and how to take care of themselves in one of the most challenging moments of their life. Jaynee Sasso has worked as a care giver for a large part of her life and currently runs a business that provides services to care givers.

Jaynee shares a wonderful piece of wisdom for all caregivers and it is only a sample of the great wisdom in her books. Jaynee Sasso’s commitment to helping people in transition comes through in all her endeavors. As a speaker, writer, entrepreneur and coach, Jaynee is commitment to helping people live their best life in spite of the current circumstances.

Anyone listening to this interview with Jaynee Sasso will be inspired, encouraged and wiser.

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5 Strategies to Leverage Times of Change and Uncertainty
Make Life Work: A Caregivers Inspirational Journal: 30 Days in H.I.M.
Over 40 & Fearless: Break Barriers; Accelerate Success

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