Today on Talking with Authors we have the pleasure to speak to Darryl Harvey. An accomplished Poet and writer, Darryl has a created a new series of children’s book. His Sunflower Series of children’s books promotes self-esteem, education, sharing and positive family relationships. His multi-ethnic characters share adventures while learning valuable life lessons. From learning that you can do anything to how to handle a bully, Darryl Harvey’s books will bring joy and wisdom to any child.

Darryl Harvey shares his motivation for the creation of the first book in the Sunflower Series, “I Can Do Anything”. He also give us insight into the impact all of the books in the series have had on his readers. Darryl is also a poet and he has published his poetry in book format.

Darryl Harvey is the founder and president of the Chicago Black Authors Network. For the past six years, this group has helped independent authors through the publishing process and they conduct events to help authors get their books in front of potential readers. The group hosts and attend different events throughout the year. They hold their own author lunches in the fall of every year. You can find more information about the Chicago Black Authors Network on their website

Darryl Harvey is also hosting his own event Saturday March 18th. The event will bring twenty African American authors from all over the country to Chicago. Actress Cynda Williams will be the special guest for this event. The event will be held at the East Bank Club, 500 North Kingsbury Street in Chicago, IL. The event will start at noon and go to 5:00 pm. You can get your tickets through

Darryl Harvey's Books

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Alicia's Big Test
Amigo Means Friend
I Can Do Anything
What Do You Do When A Bully Picks On You

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