Dr. Beth Brombosz has developed two books that provide a complete plan for passionate runners and bloggers to take things to the next level. Both runners and bloggers are people who have an inner drive that propels them to push themselves to new heights and often must face their challenges alone. Runners must push themselves past discomfort and stay motivated even when there is no one else around to motivate them. Bloggers are very similar. While they do not face the same physical challenges that runners do, they do face the challenge of coming up with new content on a regular basis. Bloggers must motivate themselves even when they are not getting feedback from their audience. Both runners & bloggers must measure themselves against what they achieved in the past and set new goals on a regular basis. Dr. Beth Brombosz books, “Yoga for Runners” and “Blogger to Author” are just what the doctor order for these two passionate groups. Her books provide clear and easily executable steps to achieving your goals and taking on new challenges as a runner or blogger.

Dr. Beth Brombosz shared the following in the interview:

Yoga for Runners

  • What is Yoga and what is it is not?
  • How are Yoga and running related?
  • How Yoga helps runners avoid injuries?
  • What is the role of Yoga in providing balance in your physical training?
  • How runners of all levels can effectively use this book?

Blogger to Author

  • Why should you think about making your blog content into a book?
  • What are the advantages a blogger brings to the table?
  • What type of content is most suited for the transition to a book?
  • How to build a plan that will make the process of developing a book achievable?
  • How is the book structured?
  • How can a person reverse engineer the process and develop their book idea by starting a blog?

Yoga & Running

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Bloggers & Authors

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