Thriller author Dwayne Alexander Smith joins me to talk about his great book “Forty Acres”. A suspenseful page turner that you will not be able to put down. Mix a secret society of black men, modern day slavery and one man's courage and you have the ingredients used by Dwayne Alexander Smith in “Forty Acres” I loved reading this book. The pacing, the suspense and the courage to take on the horror of slavery from a totally new point of view made this book such a great read.

In this interview we talk about:

  • Dwayne Alexander Smith's background as a writer
  • How the idea for this story morphed over time
  • How his writer friends though his final idea for the book would not work and how he took this as a challenge
  • How the central character (Martin Grey) faces difficult choices throughout the book as he is put into corners and the story takes a turn in an unexpected direction
  • Dwayne Alexander Smith explains his process creating a book with a page turner pacing
  • We talk about the discussions that book clubs are having about Forty Acres and how some of the views expressed are a little disturbing
  • We talk about the use of isolation that is felt by the central character and the courage it takes to stand with integrity in this situation
  • How difficult it was to write a particular portion of the book due the horrible reality he had to capture in one scene. How difficult it was to put his mind in a place to write this portion of the book.
  • Dwayne Alexander Smith shares some great news about the possibility of a sequel
  • We then talk about his new book “The Unkind Hour”. His new book that is another page turning thriller.

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Forty Acres: A Thriller
The Unkind Hours

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