Author Eden Royce creates horror short stories that will have you looking at everyone and everything with a suspicious eye. Eden Royce brings a fresh new voice to the Gothic Horror. As a writer and an editor of anthologies, Eden has an impressive body of work you can explore. Eden has also brought her creativity to the science fiction / fantasy world by taking the supernatural and placing it in the most normal of worlds. It was a great pleasure to talk with Eden Royce.

Interview Highlights

  • Eden Royce shares her motivation for writing and in particular the horror genre
  • Eden share a very interesting fact about her family history that has provided a rich source of stories that have influence her writing
  • We talk about what Gothic Horror is and how it differs from other forms of Horror
  • Eden shares why she has favored the short story format for many of her works
  • We get a hint about a new project Eden Royce is working on
  • Eden paints a picture of the feeling readers will get when they read her short story collections “Spook Lights Vol. 1” & “Spook Lights Vol. 2”
  • We shift gears and talk about Eden's science fiction/fantasy collections “Containment Volumes 1 & 2”
  • We talk about the central character who is a Devil/Human Hybrid and he works at the power plant
  • Eden shares her experience as the editor of the anthology “The Grotesquerie”. A collection of 22 horror short stories written by women.
  • We discuss the Facebook group “Colors in Darkness”. Eden shares why this group was created and how it is helping writers develop their works.
  • The story behind creation of the “Forever Vacancy” anthology published by the group is shared.
  • Eden shares two of her other stories that have been accepted by Podcastle and FIYAH Magazine
  • We learn how people can join the “Colors in Darkness” Facebook group
  • Eden share one more great anthology of black women horror authors and poets, “Sycorax's Daughters”. You need to get this book just for Eden's short story.



Twitter: @edenroyce

Eden's Amazon Author Page

Forever Vacancy: A Colors in Darkness Anthology
Sycorax's Daughters
Root Magic
Spook Lights: Southern Gothic Horror
Spook Lights II: Southern Gothic Horror
The Grotesquerie

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