In “Empire of Glass”, Kaitlin Solimine draws upon the stories shared by her “Chinese father” during her frequent trips to China as an exchange student and Fulbright Fellow. The book follows the lives of Baba and Li-Ming as they survive the dramatic changes that occurred between the 1950s and 1990s in China. A story that captures how a family's love endures through challenges that would break most people. Kaitlin paints her story on the canvas of change that occurred in China during this time period.

Kaitlin Solimine makes use of an interesting technique with footnotes to introduce the voice of the “translator” to “Empire of Glass”. By doing this, Kaitlin makes the reading experience more interactive and provides another layer on this fascinating story. Pick up your copy of “Empire of Glass” by Kaitlin Solimine from your local bookstore or use the links below. You will be inspired while you experience a piece of Chinese culture.

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