Danny Gardner

A Conversation with Mystery Author
Danny Gardner

Danny Gardner is the author of the Elliot Caprice hard-boiled mystery series. His latest book is “Ace Boon Coon”.

We Discussed:

TimeTopics Discussed
[00:01:18]Danny Gardner's stories are set in Chicago in the 1950s. Danny explains why he selected this time period for his stories.
[00:12:47]Danny discusses how he builds Elliot Caprice's world
[00:22:05]Danny's sleuth works as a process server. We talk about why Danny selected this profession.
[00:31:21]Elliot Caprice's life is lived on an edge between conflicting cultures and between criminals and law enforcement. Danny discusses how he maintains this balance.
[00:42:01]We talk about how Danny keeps the tension going in his novels.
[00:51:13]Gentrification is a key issue in Ace Boon Coon. Danny talks about how he uses it in his novel and his own views on the subject.
[00:59:14]Danny explains his inspiration for the title of his latest book, “Ace Boon Coon”.
[01:09:09]Danny shares what feedback he is getting from readers of “Ace Boon Coon”.
[01:21:04]Danny talks about how his character, Elliot Caprice, has developed from the first book.
[01:26:20]We talk about the difference between the way black criminals are portrayed vs other groups of people. Danny also explains how he is able to bring the humanity of black criminals to the page.
[01:46:07]Danny gives us insight into the hard-boiled genre and how his works fit in that world.
A Negro and an Ofay
Ace Boon Coon