Author Nikolas Larum joins me to discuss his latest book “The Gypsy Spy.” His epic novel chronicles the early life of Carlos de Leon. Larum takes the reader on a suspenseful and thrilling ride around the world as 12-year-old Carlos experiences tragedy and challenges that would break an adult. Nikolas Larum draws on his life experiences in Spain and the American Ozarks to provide a sweeping backdrop to this story of the choice between revenge and redemption.  The novel also provides insight into the lives and challenges of the Roma community in Europe.

Nikolas Larum also talks about his first book which is a study guide on “The Blood of Jesus.” Nikolas describes how the book provides guidance on how to understand and apply the concept of “The Blood of Jesus” in your daily life. Developed from a teaching service Nikolas did for his church, this book explores all aspects of blood and how they relate to the blood of Jesus.

Finally, Nikolas Larum gives us a preview of his next book, “Wind, Water and Fire. The book will focus on expanding the understanding of the Holy Spirit. Nikolas ensures us that after reading this book you will know how to “hug a spirit.” “Wind, Water and Fire is expected to be released in Winter 2017.



Twitter:  @NikolasLarum

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