A Conversation with Mystery Author Tracy Clark

We discussed:

02:00 – We learn about Tracy's sleuth Cass Raines
04:10 – We learn why Cass Raines entered the police force
06:30 – We talk about the source of Cass' courage
08:41 – Tracy shares why her stories are set in Chicago
12:14 – We learn what Cass' life is like when she is not on a case
15:42 – Tracy describes what type of sleuth Cass is
17:51 – Tracy shares how the weather of Chicago plays a part in her books
20:13 – We talk about how the villains in Tracy's books are portrayed
22:00 – We talk the unique challenges Cass faces in “Runner”, Tracy's latest book
25:12 – We discuss the growth of Cass through the books in the series
27:56 – Tracy Clark gives us a preview of her next book
31:27 – Tracy describes her writing style and the sources of her inspiration

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