Author and entrepreneur, Terrie L Branch is an accomplished business person and a prolific author. Terrie joins us today in an interview conducted by fellow writer Rekaya Gibson (Episode 5). Terrie’s books cover many different genres. From self-help to fiction, Terrie L Branch is dedicated to reaching her readers and leaving them entertained and a little wiser.

Terrie shares her history as a hair stylus and the additional businesses she owns. Just listening to the number of business activities Terrie is engaged in, let’s you see that she is an innovative and self-motivated person. It was in her salon that she first got prompted to write a book about relationships and dating from a woman’s perspective. Terrie L. Branch’s creativity and innovation leads her to take on the subject in a very innovate way. This lead to the creation and publishing of her first book “The Game”. Taking an innovative approach to structure of the book, Terrie named each chapter after a basketball term. The Game is a fun yet instructional book on the dating process from a woman’s perspective.

In the Fiyah Starter books, Ms. Branch collaborated with author Justin Q Young to produce “Playing with Fiyah & Fiyah Starter”. One book with two stories. This is a hot one.

Finally, Terrie gives us a preview of her next book will be a suspense / murder book. “Death by Chocolate” sound like a real page turner and we are all looking forward to its release in the spring of 2017.

You can follow Terrie L Branch on Twitter, Facebook and her website. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Walmart.

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A Hood Summer Night's Dream: An Anthology of Urban Love Stories
Choose Your Poison: The Confessions Of A Stripper
Gotta Be Shiesty
Gotta Be Shiesty 2: Playing With The Enemy
Playing With Fiyah/ Fiyah Starter
The Game . . . From A Woman's Perspective: The Dating Diary

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