Welcome to episode 4 of Talking with Authors. Today we wrap up the interviews I conducted at the Indie Author Day event at the Central Public Library in Virginia Beach. This was a great event and if you have not already done so, listen to the first three episode to hear the first six interviews. The Central Library held a great event and I plan on going to next year's Indie Author Day activities.

Reflecting on the event, I was really impressed by the variety of genres represented by the authors. Indie Authors are writing the stories that people have wanted but a large scale business model could never support. I love the fact that these authors are addressing the desires of various readers who have gone ignored for so long. E-Books and the large online stores have removed the barrier of distribution. Now we face the challenge of getting news of books in front of readers. In my own small way, I want this podcast and my website to be one of the vehicles that brings readers these great independent voices.

In today's episode, we get to hear from two very creative authors. Let's begin by talking with children's book author Thea Lowe. Her innovative book have a strong Christian message, great artwork and an engaging story.

Thea Lowe

Hey Auntie, What Color is God?
The Birthday Story

In our next segment, we will talk with Jennifer Milius whose books capture the great adventures of her two cats, Einstein and Moo. Cat lovers and children will love the great artwork and share in the love the author has for Einstein and Moo.

Jennifer Milius

Jennifer's Website: www.jennifermilius.com

I want to thank Thea Lowe and Jennifer Milius for talking with me and I would encourage everyone to either buy a book for themselves or as a gift.

Well, this ends our four part series of interviews conducted on Indie Author Day at the Virginia Beach Central Library. I hope you have enjoyed listening to each author. Please continue to come back each week as I bring you more authors. Also, please go to www.talkingwithauthors.com/subscribe to sign up for my mailing list. In January, I will begin publishing a newsletter that will keep you up to date with content on the site and other book news.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to listen to my show and join me next week as we continue “Talking With Authors”.