Comedy: American Style
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Comedy: America Style

My final discussion of the novels by Jessie Redmon Fauset is with Tonia Ransom from The Nightlight Podcast. We dig deep into Fauset’s novel “Comedy:  American Style”. This novel explores the desires of a family matriarch’s commitment to passing for white and the effect it has on her children. Faucet presents the dynamics of passing from several different perspectives. Tonia’s deep and personal views on the story are a delight to hear. We also delve into how Fauset presents the world of the Black middle and upper class of Philadelphia in the 1920s. Our conversation also explores the way Jessie depicts the lives of women during this period of history.

Tonia Ransom is the creator of the Nightlight podcast. The podcast is dedicated to showcasing horror fiction by Black authors. You will hear new and classic horror fiction by Black authors professionally read. If you have an interest in horror and always wanted to find stories in the genre that center Black people, this podcast is perfect for you. Tonia also features interviews with many of the authors of the works presented. In 2021, the podcast earned the IGNYTE award for Best Fiction Podcast. When Tonia is not producing an award-winning podcast, she is busy writing her own horror fiction.

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