Knight's Fall by Angela Henry

Knight's Fall by Angela Henry

Start with a Fallen Angel who has landed in New Orleans. Freshly clipped of his wings and angelic powers, add a woman who transforms into a cat or is it a cat that transforms into a woman. Add in a world of supernatural beings and events and you have the fantastic world created by Angela Henry in Knight's Fall.

I loved reading this book. It was a real page turner plus I really was fascinated by the world Henry has created.

The story centers around Xavier Knight. A recently casted out angel who lost his wings because of an intimate affair with a human that lead to the death of another person her was tasked with protecting. As Xavier settles into his new life as an investigator, he is still bothered by the way he was quickly tried and sentenced. Something does not sit right.

His search for the woman he risked everything for takes a turn when he discovers that she died over twenty years ago even though he was with her about a year ago. This mystery starts Xavier on a journey that will open so many cans of worms and put him in the cross hairs of several different organizations with their own destructive agendas.

  • If you like zombies and vampires, this story has you covered
  • If you like secret government agencies that are waging a battle against supernatural beings who have not so good intentions for humankind, this story has you covered
  • If you like a good complex mystery with plenty of twists and turns, this story has you covered
  • If you like a world filled with fascinating characters, this story has you covered

Angela Henry does all this without sacrificing any one element. I found this story surprising and unpredictable, but it does this while adhering to the rules of the world being created.

If you want a thrilling mystery with some interesting supernatural twists, this is a good book to read. Based on the latest from Angel Henry's site, she is working on the next book in this series. I am really looking forward to reading this the next book in this series.

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