A goal without a plan is just a wish

Join me as I share my 2018 reading goals. I will tell you my plan to increase the number of books I read, discover new African American mystery authors, read a series of Langston Hughes short stories, and explore a whole lot more literature by and about African Americans.

  1. What do I like to read
    1. Mysteries
    2. Science Fiction
    3. Horror
    4. History
    5. Biographies – in particular jazz artists
    6. Literary Fiction
  2. My reading history and my goals for this year
    1. Always wanted to but did not do
    2. Setting obtainable goals – small steps to climb a mountain
    3. Read at least 50 short stories this year
    4. Read all the Simple stories by Langston Hughes
    5. Read at least 12 books that have been on my To Be Read List for years
    6. Listen to 12 audio books by and about African Americans
    7. Read a graphic novel or series each month
  3. Where am I starting
    1. Music on My Mind – Willie The Lion Smith
    2. Langston Hughes – Simple Stories – year long project
    3. Short stories from three mystery anthologies
    4. Short stories from Fiyah Magazine, the Forever Vacancy anthology and Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine
    5. Finish graphic novel series “Destroyer” by Victor LaValle
    6. Finish the audio book Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland
  4. Participation in the #BlackOut2018
    1. YouTuber/BookTuber Denise D. Cooper created this challenge for readers
    2. Find Denise’s videos here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/Deliciouswisdom
    3. Requirements
      1. In 2018 read books by African American Authors
      2. Read at least 2 books by African American women
      3. At least one book by an independent author
      4. Try to purchase books from black owned bookstores


Authors From The Colors In Darkness Group

Steven Van Patten – Brookwater’s Curse

Eden Royce – Short Story Master of Horror and Dark Fantasy

Dahlia DeWinters – Loving Among the Dead

Mya Lairis – A New Take on Paranormal Romance

Kenya Moss-Dyme – Horror With A Mean Left Hook

My Interview with Kenesha Williams

Kenesha Willaims – Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine