Discussing “Drenched in Light”

What is the main conflict?

Being a creative and free little black child when the world is not ready for your spirit.

Who is the central character?

Isis – she is a young girl, probably between 4 and  years old.

What makes the central character interesting/compelling?

Her energy and spirit. You see the world through her eyes and the world is a giant place to play. Isis reminds us of the wonder the world holds when you are young and how each new thing takes your total focus.

How did the story make me feel?

I felt a mixture of joy for Isis and fear for her. Life for a little black girl in the 1920s could be rather dangerous. Her love for fun and creativity always ran against the will of her Grandmother. I enjoyed her adventures but I always had a small fear at the back of my mind that things could turn bad real quick. I also felt bad for the grandmother in this story. 

What questions did this stories raise in my mind?

Why does her grandmother have to be the primary care giver?

How do you raise a free child when you have never know freedom and you live in a world where life is dangerous and hard for black adults and children.

Who would find this story interesting?

This would be a good book for a parent and child to read together and talk about. Especially in these times where parents may fear for their child's safety but they do not want to crush their spirit.

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