Discussing John Redding Goes to Sea

What makes the central character interesting/compelling?

We all have had dreams that were deferred for one reason or another. That desire to go out and follow a daring dream and the way life can make you put those dreams off.

How did the story make me feel?

This story brought up several feelings for me. I can understand the desire John had to follow his dreams and the frustration he could feel when he is unable to do them. However, I really felt strange about the way Hurston painted the women in this story. Initially they come off very needy and clingy. But when I think about it, for those women, so much of their safety and livelihood was dependent on the men they married.

Also, I felt a little frustrated with John because he made a choice that required him to give up his dream but he still wanted to have that dream in spite of his earlier choice.

So Zora captures the complexity of life and relationships.

Zora's use of dialect makes the story warmer for me. Once I got the rhythm of dialect, I enjoyed the characters more and it made the story more real. 

What questions did this stories raise in my mind? 

When is your desire to fulfill your dreams selfish?

Who would find this story interesting?

Most adults would find this story interesting. It gives the reader a look at the first published short story by Zora Neale Hurston. It is a little tragic so keep that in mind. The story moves fast. Once you get the rhythm of the dialect down you will be fine reading this story.

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