Discussing “Magnolia Flower”

Magnolia Flower is a love story told by a river to a brook. This story shows the creativity of Hurston and her knowledge of folklore where animals and things were given human voices and personalities.

Huston's conversation between the river and the brook makes you realize that these two types of water have had vastly different lifetimes and experiences. This alone is a good reason to read this story. I know that people have always spoke about how Hurston was such a great writer and this story is a perfect example.

Now for people who read love stories, this is a perfect quick read for you. You get your happily every after. There is a seemingly unstoppable force that is determined to keep the young lovers apart. There is drama, suspense, heroism and did I mention you get your happily ever after.

You will come away from this story with a happy feeling and this is coming from a guy who does not read romance stories.

One more thing, Zora drops in a little black history along with everything else.

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