Discussing “The Country in the Woman” with Alicia the Pretty Brown Eye Reader

Alicia from the Pretty Brown Eye Reader YouTube channel joins me for a discussion of this very funny short story. You can also follow Alicia on her Instagram channel @prettybrowneyereader and on Twitter @pbereader.

Items we discussed

  • At the 01:25 mark, Alicia talks about her YouTube channel.
  • At the 03:26 mark, I give a brief overview of the story.
  • At the 04:48 mark, we give our initial impressions of the story.
  • At the 06:21 mark, we talk about our impressions of the two main characters, Caroline and Mitchell
  • At the 12:13 mark, we begin talking about how Caroline handled the women who cheated with her husband. We had a lot of fun talking about this. Hurston's humor shines in this section of the story. Much laughter occurs during this part of the discussion.
  • At the 24:38 mark, we examine the story further and how this story fits in the rest of the collected short stories
  • At the 34:05 mark, Alicia share more about her BookTube channel. It's creation, the rewards and challenges.
  • At the 36:16 mark, we talk about Alicia's love for poetry and how she has used her BookTube channel to promote poetry.
  • At the 39:05 mark, we talk about some of the challenges and running a YouTube channel
  • At the 40:21 mark, we talk about the richness of Black literature and the importance of promoting it.
  • At the 46:29 mark, Alicia shares her experience running a book club at her library.
  • At the 54:32 mark, Alicia share some advice for people interested in starting a YouTube channel to discuss books.

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