The Gilded Six-Bits with Marci and Ako of The Colored Pages Book Club

I am joined by Marci and Ako for The Colored Pages Book Club podcast. They host a bi-weekly podcast where they discuss fiction, fantasy, and magical realism written by writers from colorful and diverse backgrounds. Marci and Ako provide a deep and insightful discussion about various literature in an engaging and fun manner. You can go to their site for all the great information about the podcast, their social media links and more.

This was such a fun conversation about Zora Neale Hurston's “The Gilded Six-Bits”. I remember reading this story in college during a my first Black literature class. It was a fun and interesting read. Now that I am over thirty years older, I find that the story still stands up and holds its interest.

What we discussed:

  • At the 02:49 mark we started our discussion by talking about a betrayal in our lives and how we handled it.
  • At the 19:53 mark, Ako provides a summary of the story.
  • At the 23:27 mark, we share our initial reactions to the story.
  • At the 31:58 mark, we talk about some of the similarities and differences between the O'Henry classic “Gift of the Magi”.
  • At the 33:30 mark we talk about the importance and impact of the fake gold coins.
  • At the 40:26 mark we talk about the importance of the praise of others in people's lives.
  • At the 44:38 mark we talk about how the story made us feel.

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